About Us:

At AMS, we recognize the importance of the work that we do–the importance of our work to our customers, our employees, and to all of the people whose lives are enhanced by the work that we do. Our values and performance principles define what we stand for as a company, and provide the inspiration that drives us to be better and to make a positive impact on our customers, our company, and our communities.

AMS employees are tenacious and dedicated. Often with the extreme commitment of time and effort, our employees continue to meet the most demanding needs of our customers.

We come through when you need it most. Doing the right thing involves difficult decision making and avoiding shortcuts. Sometimes these decisions take time to see a return for AMS, but the rewards are worth the trust and loyalty gained from our partners, and customers. AMS views every customer as a partner not just for one project, but for a lifetime of projects. We do whatever it takes to make our customers’ lives easier while earning their trust–whether it’s through the timely manner in which we handle the process, or by the way we treat them with respect and honesty.

Why Choose AMS:

American Merchant Services stands for something in this country. We stand up for the business owner that isn’t getting a fair shake out there today.


Our Products:

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing solutions for any business. Accept payments anywhere, anytime, in almost any form. We h

Payroll and Human Resources

Payroll and HR for any business. AMS has an amazing partnership with ADP. We wanted to bring the largest payro

Merchant Cash Advance

AMS has been in the business of helping small businesses grow. We know that obtaining working capital can be c

Energy Solution Services

AMS has partnered with the largest energy procurement company in New England to bring an all